Behaviour Management Policy



Children at St. Thomas the Apostle Nursery School are encouraged to play/work within a few definite and known limits. We help the children to become capable and confident individuals.  We promote self regulation, ensuring to help when needed and being a co-learner with the children daily.    We ensure to help children with their critical thinking by providing resources for open end questions.

In addition to setting limits, the teachers model and teach socially acceptable and respectful behaviour. They verbally reward and acknowledge acceptable behaviour with praise. When necessary, the child’s energy is redirected and acceptable choices are offered. The Child Care Early Years Act 2014 of Ontario, under which the school is licensed, prohibits corporal punishment or deliberate, harsh or degrading measures, which would humiliate or undermine a child’s self-respect.

Our teachers as well as volunteers, visitors and students must follow our behaviour management guidelines outlined by the Child Care Early Years Act 2014.

These policies must be read and signed annually by anyone in direct contact with the children in our programs.