Mission & Philosophy

At St. Thomas the Apostle Nursery School, our mission is to help children acquire a positive attitude towards school and learning. We achieve this by providing a warm and nurturing learning environment where children can explore and experiment to develop a feeling of self-worth and independence.  We strive to learn alongside the children enjoying every child as being capable and competent at all times.

The business of childhood is play.  We believe that children, through play with their peers, actively learn to solve their problems, increase their knowledge and skills and express their feelings and ideas. We recognize that when children play in a safe, comfortable and stimulating environment, alongside curious, creative, attentive, caring and respectful teachers, they will flourish in all development areas — social, creative, language, emotional and physical. As the children “grow their wings” and move from toddler to preschool age or from preschool to school age, we are there to help celebrate their growth.

Our society places considerable pressure on parents and families. That’s why we strive to complement parental care, using the knowledge and skills of our teachers, to act as a resource for parents and to support them in their child-rearing tasks.

As a non-denominational, multi-cultural, community-based nursery school, our staff endeavours to be respectful and sensitive to the values, needs and beliefs of the families we serve.