Location & Facility

St. Thomas the Apostle Nursery School is located at 2345 Alta Vista Drive on the premises of St. Thomas the Apostle Anglican Church.

The parking lot can be accessed from Randall Avenue and Alta Vista Drive. The nursery school entrance is located at the back of the Church beside the school’s fully enclosed outdoor playground.

St.Thomas The Apostle Nursery School Location

Upon entrance to the building please proceed downstairs and turn to the left. Inside there are three distinct areas: pre-school area, toddler area and the common area. The door to the pre-school area is kept closed with a lock; we also have door bells at both doors to the church. The executive director’s office is in the pre-school are at the far end of the hallway on the left.

The pre-school area has four welcoming activity rooms: gym/gross motor skills room, puzzle/fine motor skills room, art room and snack room.

According to the children’s interests, decor and equipment in each room is refreshed making for a stimulating and interactive environment. Each child is provided with a cubby and a mailbox.

A toilet and wash station sized for pre-school-aged children is adjacent to the art room.

The toddler area is spacious area conducive to the needs of the toddler child; offering dramatic play, craft, sensory, blocks and puzzle/reading time.

Gross motor skills are developed in the very large hall while the activity room is well equipped with a water table, craft tables, puzzles, reading area and much more.

Winter in the Play YardThe common area that adjoins the pre-school area and the toddler area is inviting, while being functional. Seating lines one side while school and Ministry information is posted on the all the walls. Resources for parents are provided and books and toys are at hand for children waiting to go to their program.

Outside, the playground is accessible year-round. It is equipped with a play structure surrounded by sand, a grassy area and a cement track that’s perfect for tricycles. Outdoor play is part of each day year-round for the pre-school aged children and for toddlers in the fall and spring.